ANIMATION PROJECT – in progress 2020-2027

Marion Schoevaert – Writer / Director / co-Producer
Kathleen Kennedy Tobi – Co-producer / master animator
Anna Kiraly – Art Director

Animation Series

ReadOnlyMemory6/6 (2020-2027) is a series of six animations (15-20 minutes) that recycle ancient myths about the creation/destruction of the world with today’s news. NY immigrant artists adapt folktales from their cultures, film handcrafted-puppets live in theater sets, and fuse the animation in post with documentary footage to create myths for the next generation.

(Colombia) A pre-Columbian creation myth of a man who hid the sun and the moon from three God-Monsters, revisited as a conquistador, land and slave owner, refugee crisis myth.

(China) A Chinese tale about a woman who created the four seasons with papercuts as a response to a cruel king who imprisoned her to make diamonds, revisited as an industrial labor urban myth.

(India) A black panther (nature) eats men’s sacred animals (gods) and is hunted by both Inuit and Indian villagers is recounted as a religious war-cycle myth.

(Syria) Gilgamesh epic poem about dangerous gods/kings and man’s lost paradise will dive into civil rebellion and the cataclysmic Syrian war as an apocalyptic myth.

(Slavic-Ukraine) The fire-bird tale about princes’ disobedience to their king and the challenges they face with a magical but dangerous firebird will create a Putin-Russia invasion myth.

(Scandinavia) Misha, a toy-bear, escapes home to walk free in the forest until he decides to give up his freedom for a sick little boy will be a self-sacrificial myth.