The big black panthere

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 This fun dynamic and poetical story, with shadow puppet-theater, with Indian dance, music and songs, will present the incredible wealth of Indian culture to kids. It will also make the parents and the public question about our day today.  

The Great Black Panther is terribly hungry. She steps out of the jungle to hunt. She goes to the village and eats: a huge elephant, a black hen and a white cow.  The villagers are very upset: the great Black Panther ate their sacred cow!

Their screams awaken all the gods of the region…

 This is the story of the men hunting down the great Black Panther who hunts the cow. The Gods fight between the right of nature and those of faith. This is the story of the birth of war of religion.


adapté de l’album du Père Castor, P. François par Marion Schoevaert

Mise en scène
Marion Schoevaert

Gwenaël Le Boulluec (marionnettiste)
Mosin Khan Kawa (musiciens)
Tulika Srivastava (danseuse et musicienne)

Cindy Lombardi
Armelle Marbet
Carole Nobiron

Marie-Sol Kim